Creating Content on the iPad

Create Content with Style on the iPad

Goal:  Quickly create content that is visually appealing, and informative.  

Audience:  iPad users, All levels.  Not "Art-sy" types as well.
Type: Workshop (50 minutes)  

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Using an image to help illustrate your point, get students thinking? Priceless.

There are simple ways to improve the look, and design of your Presentations and projects, all using the iPad.  Teachers and Students are content creators.  Let’s talk Art, Design, and Photography tools for the iPad to build better content.  What are the strategies for importing media to other Apps?  

In this session, we will learn to:

  • Build stunning presentations in quick, simple methods.

  • Explore tips take better photos with the iPad / iPhone.

  • Learn how to draw better using the iPad.

  • Learn to unify your work using custom color schemes.

  • explore other’s creative commons licensed content, and how to credit it in your work.

Let’s get creative in this session, and make beautiful content.

Apps, and websites discussed and used in this session:

Canva for iPad - Powerful Graphic Art layout software (Free)

Adobe Color CC – capture color themes by Adobe

Procreate – Sketch, paint, create. by Savage Interactive Pty Ltd

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