Design Thinking 21CL Hong Kong 8

Design Thinking can be used as methodology for finding possible solutions to problems.  It can also be used as a teaching method for Problem Based Learning projects.

A bit about me:

Art Schultz with students by Art Schultz © All rights reserved

I am a Educational Technology Specialist and Art Teacher.  I often am faced with new challenges, and need to find approaches to problems.  I work with students and teachers everyday, looking to create new things, and solutions in the classroom.  Some are just great products, some are tech solutions, but all require a method to overcome the madness.

I spent 8 years as a high school art, design, and media studies teacher in the outback of Australia.  I currently work at Korea International School in South Korea.  KIS has been implementing a 'MakerSpace' program across the school.  I have been working in support to many aspects to this program, as well as teaching Digital Photography for high school students.

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