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 In the above Video, a student created a short clip about their feelings about Cyberbullying.  It's a short digital story, that shows some of the feelings that come out when kids are confronted with Cyberbullying. I work as an Educational Technology specialist, and one lesson I am often asked to help deliver is about Digital Citizenship.  The next time I work with one of these units, I'd like to do a Remix! Last year, I was at the Beyond Laptops conference, where we did a group remix of our takeaways from the conference.  Just one simple statement of what we got out of it.  In the above playlist, these are creative examples of what a short clip of a takeaway can turn into.  Simple statements, crowd sourced video, and lots of creativity. Students often tell stories of what they have heard about bullying online, share examples, and often know some things of what to do.  Why not capture these stories?  Let students CREATE rather than regurgitate. But why not Remix it into

Doctopus: your digital photocopier

Break your chains from the photocopier! Spend your time of more important things! Maybe even save some trees! You Need Doctopus! Goal:  Add Doctopus to your arsenal of digital tools and decrease your workload. Fishbowl  Times: 8:20  --  10:30  --  12:35  --  2:05   What is the plural of octopus ? You might be surprised by the answer.