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Self Portrait Task

Self Portrait with Daughter on Motorbike Tricycle This semester, I am back in the classroom!  I am teaching Advanced Digital Photography, and I am also blogging with my Photo students.  This gives my classroom another avenue to discuss their photography, as well as have them discuss their work. For the first assignment, I asked my students to create a Self Portrait.  A selfie, with content about themselves.  I wanted more than a happy snap, but something that describes them as a person. I did the assignment as well.  Here is my basic analysis:  I like the composition of the photo.  The image is off-center, allowing for a more interesting composition.  The young girl in the photo, is looking at the camera, but in a more natural pose. This photo shows what I care about.  My life has changed a lot since having kids.  They are important to me. Here are the other images from the shoot for this assignment.