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Robotics Club

Waupaca Middle School Robotics Club This year, my students have been asking me for an after school club. Students loved working with video cameras, and exploring the various robots I have in my classroom.  I partnered up with my Tech Ed Teacher,  Mr. Michael Waldschmidt, and we opened the labs for students to create. Our new after school club has been working to build STEM skills in our Middle School students. The first project was working to create a hydraulic arm, using syringes, and rubber tubing. The slides below are a bit of a log of what our students are up to, which run on digital signage outside of the lab. Currently, students are learning about coding, using Ozobots and Spheros. Students also are learning to manually fly light drones, such as the Parrot Mambo and the Tello Rize. Students are beginning to work through the Apple Swift Playgrounds app, to learn ways to code the drones and robots.

Chicken Feed

Chicken feed! UPDate: We tried, but the eggs didn't hatch! Lesson: Failure is ok. The eggs were fertilized in winter, and I guess that this makes the eggs less likely to hatch. This was a first attempt, and I guess we didn't get spring chickens! But, we learned about live streaming, chickens, and some changes to try next time. Original Post: My students were interested in hatching chicken eggs. We talked through the problem, and decided to create a live stream, similar to the April the Giraffe baby watch. So, we are currently on Day 1 of our 21 day hatch. Incubator is set up, student jobs decided, and the live feed is up! Join in the chicken fun!