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Building Capacity

     Photo Credit: Leo Reynolds via Compfight cc My wife hates it when I hover.  She might be helping the kids with an iPad, and it isn't working correctly.  I know how to fix it, and she can sense I want to help.  But I shouldn't.  You see, my wife wants to fix it, and learn what to do.  She does a good job, and seeks further help from me when she can't fix it, and she knows the basic iPad troubleshooting stuff.  In my home, I try to build capacity... but struggle watching my wife fix things. As part of my role as an EdTech Specialist, is that I assist teachers with Integration of technology in the classroom.  Some integrations are well planned, and others not so well planned.  I like to integrate technology, being involved in the idea for the lesson.  Plan, research, design, integrate, reflect.  I feel it is more of a coach's role. Reflecting on Jeff's post , he talks about embedding rather than integrating.  I like the thought of making the technol