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Starting and Stoping YouTube videos with custom web address

Sometimes videos are too long.  And, you just want to watch a small part.  I love TED Talks, but I do not think there is enough time to watch a whole TED Talk in a class.   There are lots of ways you could edit a video... some not exactly respecting the wishes of the person that uploaded the content, and mostly time wasters.  But here is a way you can code the web address to give you a player window that just creates a snippet. You can then use this as a link during a Keynote, Google Slides, or just sending to your students so they can focus on the important part of the video. Here is a video walk through... The process described here will create a new window, with a full screen player. It will have a start and end to the video. This is an older video, but the process is similar. Follow the text below for the update. First, Go to your video on YouTube… press share. The Area shown in blue is the ID of the video. Look at the code below.  Parts are c