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Goodbye KIS!

It's been a great job, but it's time to move on... I've had the pleasure of working at Korea International School for four years.  I've had an opportunity to grow as an educator, and show my talents with technology.  I had the opportunity to work in the Fishbowl, KIS's training center. But this school has many talented people that I will miss. People that have shown me and my family friendship.  Many people that have been wonderful to work with and to coach.  Educators that have been willing to take calculated risks, and try new ways to improve their classroom with technology. Also, just some great folks with whom I have worked.  I was able to get some selfies with them, but sadly, I want able to get photos with everybody. Goodbye KIS album 27 new photos · Album by Art Schultz A I will miss Korea, and KIS, and many folks that I have been able to work with around the international school community around Asia.   I'm moving back to the United States,

I'll miss this crew!

via Instagram Last day of students at Korea International School. I'll be moving on to Wisconsin, and Rick will be retiring! Best luck to the team next year! I'll miss this crew!