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Consulting and Conference Sessions

I have been working with iPads , Apple Computers , Google Apps , and how they relate to Schools for a number of years. I work as an Educational Technology Specialist, training Teachers to use technology more effectively in their classroom to inspire creative thinking. I believe in the SAMR model for delivering technology solutions for lessons. I currently manage over 1000 MacBooks, and over 300 iPads in a prominent international school.  This is done with Mobile Device Management.  I am happy to help your school find that tech solution to working with multiple student-owned devices. If you are interested in a consultation for your School, or would like me to present at your conference, please send me an email . Current Coaching a school about Google Classroom, SAMR, & Blogger. PAST Sept 19-20, 2015 Effective 1:1 iPad Programs Flipboard Session  Creating Content on the iPad Instagram

Fix that iOS Device

I am often asked how to get their iPad or iPhone to do something.  Often when these devices are not playing nicely, there are some simple steps to fix it. Here are some tips on getting that Apple iOS device to play nicely.