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New Year’s resolutions... Google Certified Trainer

Hi everyone, Resolutions It’s been a bit since I’ve posted... but I have been working on my resolutions, or just goals. So, I thought I would post a few of them here, so maybe I will keep them. Firstly, I want to take more photos this year.  I want to be more creative, and spend more time working with my camera.  Post to Instagram more often. I also want to blog more.  Frankly, I have been slack after changing jobs, and I have to work towards documenting my ideas more. I want to experiment more with robotics and programming this year.  I have been playing with Ozobots with my Hour of Code project.  I will be posting more with that in my next post soon. Winter Break project Google Certified Trainer Application I have been working to certify as a Google Certified Trainer.  The process has gotten easier since I last certified.  The tests are fewer, and less expensive. So, why should I certify?  Well, you build skills.  You delve into Google products that you might no