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Summer Vacation iPad Pen Pals...

In our iPad 'One to World' program, Summer Vacation is here!  Our students all have iPads... help them to stay in touch. Want your students to Pen Pal, Chat, and FaceTime this summer? Want to have your students to have a way of keeping track of each other after they move on to other places?  Well, let's get started. Student Step 1: First, have your students create a Contact for themselves in Contacts. Find your card, with the one that has "me" next to it. Press " edit " in the upper right. Make sure your Apple ID email address is saved as an "email".  This is used by default for FaceTime and Messages, assuming they are enabled by your Parents in "restrictions" Fill in only the information you want to share! Then Press "Done"  Teacher Step 1: Make a Chat for your class in Messages. Have your teacher create a Messages app chat for your class, using your class Apple ID list. One

Create a Google Hangout on Air Event for your Virtual Classroom!

So today my school closed due to the MERS illness that is going on around Asia.  I am not very concerned, but it is good to have precautions.  Students are working from home today.  This cropped up on us last minute, and I thought I'd share as to how to create a Google Hangout on Air for your Class. Prerequisites: You need a YouTube Account that is Verified.  Visit  to do so. This needs to be done with a Computer, not a tablet or phone. All "attendees" must have a Gmail account. (Google+ is not needed) A list of your student "attendees" emails, I made mine in a Google Sheet. Set up your Hangout on Air.  Visit When you are about to Start your event: Start your Broadcast  Remind students to Mute their Microphone when not speaking. The Hangout automatically puts the Speaker's picture in the main window. Share your Screen from the Green Button Below.

KIS students #coding with #ozobot

KIS students #coding with #osobot #artschultzblog A video posted by Art Schultz (@artschultz13) on Jun 2, 2015 at 4:12pm PDT I had the FANTASTIC opportunity to see Megan Godek's Korea International School 5th grade students working with students in California in Kristin Hick's class at Tierra Linda this morning. This project, as I understand, started through Twitter.  Students had been collaborating online with each other.  Ozobot, saw that these classrooms had been Tweeting about their product, and donated 'bots to each of the classrooms.  I would like to say that this is an amazing company for supporting Education. 5th Graders at KIS have been working with students in California via video conference, discussing how to make the Ozobot follow their commands.  The Ozobot is similar in commands to the old school programming language of Logo , but with other variables, such as color changing and twists and turns.  But with the Ozobot, the "turtle"