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Lets get it started!

Photo Credit via Creative Commons Returning to KIS for my 4th year is going to be fabulous. I have had the chance to work with enthusiastic educators, stupendous students, and amazing administrators in the past four years. New faculty are arriving, and its getting exciting to start this next school year. Faculty orientation is going to be quickly upon us. With so many new people coming in, I thought it would be good to look at what I do at KIS, and think about my goals for the upcoming year. New year, new team, new goals! So, a little background. My role at KIS is of an Educational Technology Specialist. I work to build capacity with Technology in the classroom. I teach teachers in the KIS Fishbowl Classroom . I plan and deliver lessons on current technology tools for the classroom. But there is so much more... Infographic created by @stevekatz The Fishbowl classroom is just the surface. My role is to understand what is happening around my school. I suppo