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Spike Prime Printable Blocks

As I prepare for coaching Middle Schoolers here in Waupaca for FIRST Lego League, I am trying to teach kids to code the SPIKE Prime Lego robots. This has its challenges. Some kids take to coding well, and some need more visuals to guide them. Teams may also want to whiteboard out their coding concepts.  I created this set of printable Word Blocks as a resource for printing, laminating, and maybe adding some magnets to the back. This allows me to put up code in a demonstration, or my teams to talk about how to achieve things after they have done some pseudo-coding of their projects. Having manipulative items are always nice for hands-on coding practice.  Whiteboard Word blocks for Proportional Line follow. Here is my collection of laminated word blocks Below are the files I created for creating these blocks. Feel free to use, but maybe send me a note & follow on twitter. @artschultz13 Direct link to folder shown below.

FIRST LEGO league Coaching & Goal setting

 I have been working as a Robotics Coach in my role as an Educational Technology Coach for a few years. This year, I have entered my students into FIRST LEGO League. Last season, I was a judge at state, so I could improve my coaching, and improve my team's performance. This year, I will be doing my second year of organizing students for FLL! Last season, we did a Virtual Tournament, with some success. But, we did not move on from that tournament.   This year, my students and I have done a lot of reflection about how we can be more successful. The main problem we had last season is that no one took initiative in knowing what needed to be done, and constantly asked adults what they should be doing.  One thing I have been working on is a Goal writing template for each team. Team members will start practice with this sheet, and discuss who is doing what, and document the goals. At the end of practice, updating the form to communicate what needs to be done for next time. This will be pr

Gmail Vacation Responder: Spring Break

 Going on Spring Break? Don't want to see a ton of work emails? Turn on your Vacation Responder in Gmail! In Gmail,  Click on the Gear in the upper right. Click on See all Settings. Scroll to near the bottom of the list.  Configure your settings as you feel fit,  Press SAVE. Watch my Instagram video below for more... View this post on Instagram A post shared by Art Schultz (@artschultz13)

😀 Emoji Keyboards! 🚀

Emoji Keyboards on your computers are handy for teachers…  Above: Emoji designs on iPhone OS 2.2 in 2008. here is a comparison of how to launch 🚀 the keyboard ⌨️ on multiple computer operating systems. #edtech #waupacaway #emoji #artschultzblog #madewithclips   View this post on Instagram A post shared by Art Schultz (@artschultz13) On a Mac: press control, command and spacebar. On a Chromebook: press search, shift and spacebar. On Windows: press the Windows Key & the . (period) key.