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Summer School Animation Course

This summer, I had the privilege of working with some great kids experimenting with Animation.  Students were encouraged to tell their own stories, and just have fun! Here are a few of the students in action.  Many were doing camera animations.  Tripods were nice to help hold the iPads, but I also was able to borrow a few wire book holders from the library.  This helped the students to keep the camera still. Cardboard, post-it notes, whiteboard markers, tape, and a few toys made life easier. Here are the apps we used: Do Ink Animation (iOS)   This makes great hand-drawn animations.  Its a paid app, but worth the money.   Stop Motion Studio Pro (iOS) I recommend the paid version, it allows you to draw on the photographed frames, and the possibility for sound effects. This is also available as a free app, and is also available for Android devices. There were a lot of great products created.  See the link below to see their work! Animation Showcas