Wifi Preferences for iOS

WIFI is a great thing.  iPads, iPhones and iPods all love WIFI.  But, these devices will often stray from your WIFI.  I live in an apartment building, and most of my neighbors have unprotected WIFI.  My iPod Touch will often connect to their network, and I need to switch to my network.

Most computers will allow you to set a preference as to which WIFI to connect to first, second, third and so forth.  But in iOS, not so much.  Unfortunately, this cannot be done on the device.  Here are some quick tips as to how to set up a preference for this on an iOS device.

What do you need?
  • A Mac or PC
  • iPhone Configuration Utility for that computer (MAC , PC)
  • iPad / iPhone / iPod cable for your device.

All of these steps are done in iPhone Configuration Utility.  Other applications that support this procedure include Apple Configurator and Jamf's Casper Suite.  The other applications may look a bit different, but essentially are the same settings.

See the image, and follow the instructions below it.

1.  Add a new Configuration Profile.  Click on "New"

2. Give the Profile a name, I called mine, 'WIFI Credentials'

3. Identifier.  This is an identity for the person that wrote the profile.  It is derived normally from a person's web profile, but it is backwards to a normal web address.  This typically can be anything.  

As this is a local (personal use) profile, it does not matter exactly what this identifier is, but it is a required field.

4. Security.  If you are setting up this profile for yourself, leave it as Always, but for others, it may be appropriate to change this setting.

5. Click on Wi-Fi

6. Add the Name (or SSID) of your First Wi-Fi network.  This is the name of your network that you click on to join on your iOS device.

7. Security Type.  If this is a home network, Choose "Any (Personal)".  

8. Password.  Enter the Password associated with this wifi network.  If there is none, leave it blank.

If this is an Enterprise Wi-Fi, you may need to add any certificates associated with the security.  On a Mac, this wifi security certificate can often be found in the "Keychain Access" app.  In the next screen shot, it shows the location to put this certificate.

Continue to work in this manner, in the order of service for Wifi Networks for your iOS device.  

9. Once done, connect your device.  if iTunes launches, quit iTunes.  If this is the first time connecting your device to your computer, on the device, you may need to click on "Trust this Computer".

10. Click on your device.

11. Click on Configuration Profiles.

12. Press Install on your Wi-Fi Profile.

13. You may need your Passcode entered on your device, and follow the prompts on your device.

When this is all done, your device should use the networks you have added first, as a priority.  You can still join networks, but it takes these first. You can add this profile to all of your iOS devices you own.

Best of Luck!

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