An App for that...

Are all technologies in the classroom created equal?
Well no.  There are many models to discuss what is a better use of technology in the classroom.
Revised Blooms and SAMR discusses the difference between the types of technology that can be used, and the levels of achievement in these areas.


Both look to simplify how we approach technology in the classroom.  Giving us a prescribed App vs Higher order thinking method to the madness of the use of technology in the classroom.
When we look at use of technology, be it iPads, computer labs, smart board, laptops... We need to look towards the lesson plan and the unit plan, rather than that of the tool. Higher order thinking can be shown in almost any application or with any tool, as well as low level thinking can be shown with poor planning and lots of resources thrown at the problem.  The simple pencil with planning and educational creativity can be far better than expensive technology and little planning.

The idea that there is an “App for that” is wrong when it comes to education.

Technology doesn't replace good instruction, but supplements good instruction to show a student's grasp of concepts.  Technology should be there to enhance and contribute to ways the student can demonstrate their creativity and understanding.

There are millions of applications for iPads, smart boards, MacBooks, pc's, chrome books...but are they all good for the classroom?  Will they work well in every situation?  Probably not.

The best learning comes when the learning outcome is thought about first, and the technology second.  I believe that when you have a good lesson idea, the technology will come.  I consult with my teachers, and discuss curriculum first.  We discuss what the student should be able to understand, the time that is available for the learning, and what the high order processes we can incorporate into the unit.

In my job, I manage 250 iPads, and assist teachers in planning and implementing technology in the classroom.  When I look at the SAMR and Modified Blooms, I believe in a suite of apps to improve functionality for iPads that tend to meet the day to day needs of students and teachers.  With this, they can add lots of functionality, without adding Drilling and Fact absorption apps.  What the goal is to make a device that assists in Creativity for the students and teacher, so higher order thinking can be shown. So, here is my current list of Apps I believe add great functions for Creativity.
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