YouTube for Educators.

Waupaca Middle School will be opening YouTube to students soon.  So... Why?

Super 8 Camera Image
'introducing kobena super 8 for the creative film maker 1966' by
Nesster via CC 2.0

YouTube is a fantastic learning resource.  Don't know how to fix your garbage disposal? Chances are, someone on YouTube has already created a video to help you along.  Want to learn the basics of playing the guitar?  Again, there is a giant pile of video content for that.  YouTube seems to be the way that people learn.

But YouTube can also create new opportunities for your classroom.  Heard of 'Flipping' your Classroom?  YouTube is often a great way to change the dynamic of your classroom.

What about homework help.... linking videos that cover content that you are sending home, that might be able to remind the student about what was discussed in the classroom.

Here are my slides for the session:

Here is my Handout
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