New Year’s resolutions... Google Certified Trainer

New Year 2018

Hi everyone,


It’s been a bit since I’ve posted... but I have been working on my resolutions, or just goals.

So, I thought I would post a few of them here, so maybe I will keep them.
Firstly, I want to take more photos this year.  I want to be more creative, and spend more time working with my camera.  Post to Instagram more often.

I also want to blog more.  Frankly, I have been slack after changing jobs, and I have to work towards documenting my ideas more.

I want to experiment more with robotics and programming this year.  I have been playing with Ozobots with my Hour of Code project.  I will be posting more with that in my next post soon.

Winter Break project

Google Certified Trainer Application

I have been working to certify as a Google Certified Trainer.  The process has gotten easier since I last certified.  The tests are fewer, and less expensive.

So, why should I certify?  Well, you build skills.  You delve into Google products that you might not have played with before.  Dig deeper. Learn.  The Google Training program has many lessons built, to help you review.  Get started with your training at the Google Training Center.  It has skills to build with Google products, Digital Citizenship, and skills you can build with being a better trainer.

Selfie with Google Badges

If you want to be a Google Certified Trainer, you need to pass three tests and have done 5 recent trainings.  The tests are Google Certified Educator 1, Google Certfied Educator 2, and the Trainer Skills assessment.  Each has a fee to take, but the assessments are cheaper than they had been in the past.

I enjoyed the process of applying for Google Certified Trainer over the break...

Steps to prepare for your Google Certified Trainer:

  1. Take some fundamentals training.  Practice for the Certified Educator 1 Test.
  2. Register and take the Certified Educator 1 Test.
  3. Prepare for the Certified Educator 2 Test with the Advanced course.
  4. Register and take the Certified Educator 2 Test.
  5. Prepare for the Certified Trainer Assessment
  6. Take the Trainer Skills Assessment
  7. Fill in your application, and make your video...

Here is my application video:

With luck, I will be successful... at least I got something out of the process.


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