COETAIL Course 2, Final Project, Responsible Use Agreements

Photo Credit: ToGa Wanderings via Compfight cc In my Master's Program, COETAIL,   I was assigned to do collaborative assignment, with another teacher, at another school.  I found a partner on Google+, in the same course.  My partner and I worked on Option 1 of the Assignment, to create a Responsible Use Agreement.
"Option 1: In a small group that contains at least one cohort member outside your school, create a Responsible Use Agreement (RUA) for your division level (Elementary, Middle or High School). You may start from scratch or use a framework from some of the resource that are covering in the course or from what your school already has in place. Include a reflective blog post describing choices you made in developing the RUP i.e. choice of language level, topics covered, issues of focus, describe how it would be shared with students etc."
I worked with a teacher in Myanmar, Ivory Chang, over a Google Hangout chat.  We looked at each other's schools Responsible Use Agreements, looked at what we liked, and didn't like. We came across this template, from NetSafe NZ, which is a Creative Commons licensed Responsible Use Agreement, meant to be used by schools to adapt for their own use.  We liked the positive language used, and decided to adapt it for our assignment. Here is our final outcome.

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