It's a Small World

The Universe is expanding, but our world is getting smaller.

The above image is an assemblage from the Cassini Space Probe, credited here.
With the power of the internet, we can push into details of the world we could never find published in books, magazines, and other places.  We can learn to communicate in new ways.  We can find out about ideas and concerns that others have.  We can learn new skills, right at our fingertips.  We can find lots of things, and remix them into new things. I live in South Korea, and... I don't speak Korean, and cannot read Hangul.  But due to Web Apps like Google Translate,  I can sometimes make sense of what I see around me.  Here, translate my blog into another language.

This is a translation example for Google Translate.

I have a family, with two small kids, who love to get around.  Thanks to the power of the internet, We can get directions, find parks, and other great things to do.  Like this little blog, Kids Fun in Seoul.  It gives you information on things going on, what is good about the place, and how to get there. It has a fantastic interactive map, that shows you where things are... View Seoul Map for Kids & Families in a larger map
The internet can help to make you "Happy" You can find music, artists, and many creatives you may never have seen without it. The link above is the Australian band, John Butler Trio, covering Pharrell William's song, "Happy".

 The internet can help to fix important issues.

The internet can provide a way to promote change... and that issue, is important.  Maybe not the most important issue,  but something that has to change. With the internet, I can learn to use the internet better.  Just in writing this blog, I used Google to help research methods for embedding some of the gadgets used here. Here are some of those links.
Embedding a Youtube link from a specific time.
Embedding Google Translate
Embedding Google Map
Finally, the power of the internet allows us to be more creative.  The possibilities are endless.  Here is a remix of images from the Cassini Mission, against Nine Inch Nails, "Ghosts".  Science and Music combine to make Art, through the power of the internet.

  CASSINI MISSION from Chris Abbas on Vimeo.

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