Create a Google Hangout on Air Event for your Virtual Classroom!

So today my school closed due to the MERS illness that is going on around Asia.  I am not very concerned, but it is good to have precautions.  Students are working from home today.  This cropped up on us last minute, and I thought I'd share as to how to create a Google Hangout on Air for your Class.


  • You need a YouTube Account that is Verified.  Visit to do so.
  • This needs to be done with a Computer, not a tablet or phone.
  • All "attendees" must have a Gmail account. (Google+ is not needed)
  • A list of your student "attendees" emails, I made mine in a Google Sheet.
  • Set up your Hangout on Air.  Visit

When you are about to Start your event:

  • Start your Broadcast 

  • Remind students to Mute their Microphone when not speaking.
  • The Hangout automatically puts the Speaker's picture in the main window.
  • Share your Screen from the Green Button Below.

After the broadcast, it will save to the YouTube account.
Here is my first full broadcast.  (Really not great, learning experience)

But I trimmed it down in YouTube editor.

This was our first attempt at doing this, and if I had time to prepare students, this may have gone more smoothly.  The goal here was to allow some interaction between teachers and students, while we were unable to meet.

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