Automate your cross-posting!

Ok, I am a busy guy.  I have kids, a wife, and lots to do at school as a tech integrator.  But, I love sharing, and I have a lot of social media accounts.  I was looking for a way to incorporate a lot of my tools together, so that I can post once, and the rest of my social media will get the same post.

I love Instagram, and Twitter for professional items.  But, I noticed I have a lot of Google Plus followers, but I only post my blog posts there.  I asked myself, how can I cross-post better?  How can I use Google Plus, and Linked In more effectively, without wasting time.

I found an outdated post, and I added some updates.

So, this workflow starts from Google+, then Tweets it, and Posts to LinkedIn. 

Since Google Plus is the hardest to automate, lets start the workflow from there.  What you need is an RSS from your Google Plus profile.  Go to your Google Plus profile,
and copy the URL in the browser window.  

Visit this website to create an RSS address from your Google Plus profile.

Paste your Google+ URL to the top box, and press 'Get RSS'.  

In Chrome, you get a lot of HTML code showing, and a changed URL.
Copy the URL.

Your next step, is that you need an IFTTT account.  IFTTT is a website that allows automation of web accounts.  It means 'if that, then this'.  It can cause automatic reactions to other online events that you choose.  These are called recipes.

Click on the recipe below.  This has an RSS feed.  Use your RSS URL from the last step to create your trigger.

IFTTT Recipe: If RSS (G+) then Tweet connects feed to twitter

Once your trigger is created, you can activate your Twitter channel.

My other problem is in LinkedIn.  I seldom have time to login, but, I don't mind sending a post automatically.

IFTTT Recipe: If Tweet, then LinkedIn with #in connects twitter to linkedin

If you activate the above recipe as well, the #in will cross post to LinkedIn.

Well, that is the workflow.  I hope it helps you!

I will work on how to incorporate Instagram into Google+, but I thought that this was a great start to saving some time....

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