Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a method of creation, that builds in Innovation.  It is a cycle of thought, that moves you through a creative process.  It starts with empathising with a problem, normally of another person.  Attempts to understand the problem through definition, then moving towards Ideating solutions.  Prototyping means to build or create a tentative a solution. Testing the solution is about carrying out the plan, or a limited run of the plan.

I believe that Design Thinking can be used all throughout education.  It is a great way to think about Differentiation for students.  Every student has different needs for which we need to have empathy. Communication in schools needs to keep all stakeholders needs in consideration.  There are so many problems within schools, that could be solved through better problem solving.

The best part of this model, is that it is not satisfied with a first solution.  It's about constant improvement and innovation.  

Below is the presentation I took part in at 'Beyond Laptops' in Yokohama, presented by Heather Dowd a few years ago.  The tools and methodology I still use, and enjoy.  

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