21CL Hong Kong Conference reflection

I had a great time presenting and Learning in Hong Kong. It was nice having 'the band back together'. Presenting and working with these guys is like getting your own, intense PD session, everyday. I've grown so much by working with Ben Summerton, Steve Katz, and the fantastic faculty and students at Korea International School.
Photo by Ben Summerton
  I was presenting about skills that my students at KIS have shown me. They have been working the 'Design Thinking' method finding solutions to problems their teachers asked open-ended questions about. I've learned some skills at conferences too, and I'd like to thank Heather Dowd who helped me through this process at a conference a few years back.
I've learned a bucket full as well. Coming home with fantastic ideas about supporting students with sleep and mood through smart phone technology, thanks to Dr. Michael Carr Gregg.
And Rob Newberry was fantastic. We need to look, as teachers, to both the positives and negatives of placing technology in the hands of our students. Rob's presentation on creating a multimodal unit on discussing the effects of porn on our body was thought provoking. This is a modern health unit, discussing the ideas of addiction, brain chemistry, and straight talk. Discussing 'sexting' and the legal situations it can cause is an important fore-warning our students must hear.
As well as these sessions, I learned a lot, caught up with amazing educators, and had a great time. See you (hopefully) again next year!


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