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As well as a Tech Integrator, I co-teach this semester.  Along with Hannah Cone, my school's amazing HS 2D Art teacher, we teach a small Advanced Digital Photography course this semester. This class, is made up of Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors.  Assignments are all completed on their Blogger pages, and are paperless. Our school administration requires that all classes have an activity or test that counts towards an exam.  Not liking exams, I would rather give my students time to shine, and do something amazing.

I proposed to my co-teacher that we have our students take the blogging up a notch, and start following professional photographers' blogs for a project.  The basic premise, for students to follow a thread in photography that interests, inspires, and pushes them to new learning. So, I am going to have them set up a RSS reader, Feedly, to follow a bunch of blogs that might interest them.  Then I am going to ask that they make comments on posts, or attempt to contact the poster for additional information.

They will need to post a proposal for their research on their blog, to explain to the class what they are hoping to find more information about.  They will also need to make a post to show their results! Here is the lesson plan so far:
Link to Google Doc above

And this is the list of blogs to follow, that I modified from a list I found here.

Link to Google Doc above

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