T.H.I.N.K before you post...

Everyday, someone gets hurt by someone else's words.  We sometimes say nasty things.  Sometimes, hurtful, harmful things.  These things can really stick with someone.

I try to think... "would I say that in front of my Grandma?" 

I realize that not everyone has the same Grandma.  Mine helped me learn to bake, milk cows, drive a tractor, and taught me some manners. Maybe you have someone else you have in your life like that... that you would not want to have them think any less of you.

Would my grandma be proud of what I just posted online?
Grandma finds the internet via generator-meme.com
Not actually my grandma.

Many students and teachers have accounts for many things.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube,... the list probably is longer than my arm.  Sometimes multiple accounts, based on who might read it.

THINK before posting image via www.technologyrocksseriously.com

I want to make my grandma proud, every time she opens her computer and sees something I posted.  If you want to T.H.I.N.K. of a way to remember if you should post something... try this approach.

Is it True?  

Invasion of Fake News via Flickr
'Invasion of Fake News' by Free Press via CC 2.0

Are you about to post or share something that you can't prove?  There are many people out there that are spreading lies, and half truths.  Consider using an online fact checker, such as snopes.com.

Is it Helpful?  

You might have a talent, a skill, or something beautiful you created.  It might help someone else that is trying to learn to do that awesome 'thing'.  
Cat Helping
Helpful by wotthe7734 via CC2.0

Is it Inspiring?  

Does it help motivate others? Does it make you want to get up and dance? Is it too awesome for words?

High Five Gif via DESIGNBENT.COM
High Five Gif via DESIGNBENT.COM and GIPHY

Is it necessary?  

Sometimes, we just over-share.  Sending out stuff that just doesn't need to be there.  Sometimes, we have to post something, or email something, maybe for class work.  But does it need to be said?
"Don't be a parrot..." by LiveLifeHappy via CC2.0

Is it Kind?  

If you are posting something that is not nice,  I just do not think Grandma would approve.

Grandma Drawing
"Grandma drawing" by Olivia Schultz all rights reserved

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