Just tell me! Working in Chrome with your voice...

Have some text that you want your Chromebook to read?  It can! Your Chromebook can read passages that you highlight, if you have an extension called Select and Speak.

Talk to me please!
If you install it, you can highlight text, and get the chromebook to tell you what the highlight says!
Highlight the text and press the extension button on the top of the chrome window.  Watch the video for more detail.

Google Docs can do the opposite.  You can talk to your chromebook, and it will type what you say. Go to Tools, and Voice typing.  Give it a try!

Picture of Voice Typing in Google Docs menu.

Just remember to say words like 'period' and 'question mark' and it will add the punctuation.
Remember, this does not take the place of your editing work!  Check to make sure that it is using the correct words, (for example:  to, too, and two).

Hope this helps you to use your Chrome browser or Chromebook more effectively.


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