Build your own teleprompter!

One of my jobs this year is teaching a media studies class for 7th graders.  I have about 13 kids right now, and we are working on creating a news program for our school.  One of the things that might help my kiddos this term is the ability to be able to see their words on screen as they record.

Here are my steps in getting a teleprompter for my classroom.  Maybe you can make one too.

My school has a great 3d printer, a Makerbot Replicator Mini.  I thought, well maybe I can print one.

I found this project online by speedy777 and downloaded the STL files.  I had to modify some of the parts, so that they would print on my Makerbot.  It took a couple of days to get all of the parts together, glue some of the pieces that I had to cut, and cut down some bolts to fit more nicely.  The glass, shown in the video, is from an old photo frame, and I covered the edges in electrical tape.

I downloaded the Parrot Teleprompter app, and I control the play pause with a Saetchi Smart Pointer bluetooth remote.  All I do is gently cover the glass with a sweatshirt to darken the space around the glass and set the iPad to maximum brightness.  Students can copy/paste text from Google Docs on the iPad into the teleprompter.

This compliments my setup in OBS to record and livestream work at Waupaca Middle School.

I'll post some student work in the near future!


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