Waupaca Tech Camp 2020

 Hi all!

One of the ideas I helped launch in Waupaca is the Waupaca Tech Camp. It is a time for teachers to give a little summer time for learning about technology supports for their classroom. Normally, it was a face to face occasion, and on my home turf at the Middle School. But this year... much different.

This year we held it at Waupaca High School... which was different. Classrooms were spread around the building, instead of in one hallway. Acceptable changes. We also added in a Virtual option, where teachers could join in our lessons via Google Meet. Presenting information while masked up was different, and sometimes harder for the participant to hear... but livable.

Here, I would like to post some of the sessions I presented this year.

Asynchronous Learning

Above are the slides I presented...

Synchronous Learning


Relay Classroom

As changes came quick and fast this year, it is amazing that Tech Camp got off the ground this year. I hope I was able to meet some of the needs my teachers needed, as well as bringing some thought to how to teach in our new format this year. Let me know if you have any questions!


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