App review: Super Stretch

After discussing his term in Physical Education with his teacher, Miss Early, we talked about what my son enjoyed in Class. The Yoga unit was one of his favourites, and living in a small apartment, can be done in a small space. But, I am not some yoga master. Miss Early suggested we look at an iPad app for Yoga for kids.

My son is a first grader at KIS, where they use iPads from a cart in the classroom. Santa had brought him an iPad mini for Christmas, and we have already been using it for him to be more organized for school. He uses it for recreation, and a bit for school related tasks.

I came across two apps, but Super Stretch became his favourite. It has pleasant animations, video clips of kids doing the poses, a reward system, and a code of ethics. My son decided that everyone in the house needed to do the Yoga, getting his little sister, Gran, Pop, Mom & Dad to join in.

Here is the AppStore link:

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