Working with 3rd Graders and iPads

At the Pangyo Elementary School, 3rd graders have been working in teams to create 'Mission Briefings' about Planets in our Solar System. Students needed to use traditional and Internet researching methods, team collaborative creativity, and the iPad to make their mission video.

Teachers, like Annette Welpman, have invited Edtech Specialists to their class, to assist them with the technology.  But, as the students became accustomed to the technology, the creativity began to flow.  Students quickly adapted to the new technology, and were able to nearly independently, create their mission briefing.

I assisted Annette and her students, for their first time using the iPads in a group project.  This was a rewarding experience for the students, the teacher, and myself.

Ms. Welpman working, and photographing, her student.

An example of one group's work on the Mission Briefing.

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