AirDrop Not Working? This fixed mine!

AirDrop, Apple's somewhat unknown feature, works on most modern Macs.  What it does:  It allows you to drop a file to another Mac, over Wifi.

Want to know more about it?  Look here:

But, you need to be able to see other users to use it.  For some reason, my Mac, running Mountain Lion, just stopped showing other users, I couldn't see them & they couldn't see me.  I was worried that I would have to reinstall my OS, which may not have fixed it.  Then, I found this script for Terminal.  Now, I am Not a Terminal expert, but this was just a cut / paste fix.

To find Terminal on your Mac, go to Applications / Utilities / Terminal.  Cut / Paste this code and press Enter.

defaults write BrowseAllInterfaces 1

Launch Airdrop as normal, and you should be back up and running!

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