Flipboard Session @ iPad Conference ISKL Malaysia

Flipboard Session

Flipboard is an App for iPad that allows the user to create & read digital Magazines.  These digital magazines are a great resource for classrooms that used digital content.  You can follow other users in your PLN, use existing magazines on your favourite topics, and collaborate with others in a project.  Using Flipboard can make your learning environment change.  
  • Curate articles, concepts, multimedia for your courses.
  • Turn your content into “Magazines” your students can read.
  • Bring your Social Media together in one space.  
  • Students can document ideas for research projects.
  • Embed your Magazine into your course website.
  • Save new content you come across in your feeds for later.

This session is a starter to using Flipboard.  It will help teachers to enhance their courses, by helping them to create their own magazines, which could turn to their own custom 'textbooks'.  A team of teachers can collaborate in a common magazine for the team on a topic.  Have a common research task in class?  Why not have students 'flip' relative information into a magazine for each other to use?

The iPad makes it easy to use, flip, and share.  Flipboard helps to keep it organised.  I will help
teachers to get started and use this versatile and  free, cross-platform, application.  I will share links to magazines, and show how to embed magazines into your favourite web platform.

Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine by Flipboard Inc.

Please fill in my evaluation form, which will also send you a Certificate for attending my session.

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